Rice is one of the most vital crops on earth. As a source of nutrition, rice is a staple food for three billion people worldwide and represents 20% of the world's caloric intake. As a source of livelihood, rice supports nearly 1 billion people in rural areas of developing countries and is cultivated on every continent except Antarctica! Imagine the difference we could make if all the rice in the world was fair trade!

Nam Om is based in one of the poorest areas in the country.

The Fairtrade premium on the rice is helping the farmers to add extra value to their harvest, by building their own mill so in the future they can process and pack the rice too. With your help we have also been supporting a local tree planting project.

Younger members of the farming community are also playing a big role. Toom Sieng-Om, whose family grows rice, is not only a member of Nam Om but serves on its board. She has been studying rural development and now has a key role in the co-operative, which she feels provides them with a more effective way of farming where they all have a voice.