CIPAC is a fair trade co-operative in Guatemala. Thanks to YOU eating our GEOBARS we have been working in partnership with our friends at CIPAC to buy their yummy honey.

With the increased demand of Fairtrade honey, over 15 years the CIPAC co-operative has risen from 22 beekeepers to an amazing 132. With an average family size of five the co-operative supports around 660 people. The sales of fair trade honey and coffee is transforming the lives of farmers and their communities.


Thanks to our fair trade partnership in addition to above average pay our friends at CIPAC have also used the extra money from the Fairtrade Premium to:

  • Invest in equipment – providing farmers with beehives to help them get set up and grow
  • Build a honey and coffee collection centre – the farmers don’t have to travel so far to drop  off their honey
  • Provide educational support for children in the community
  • Set up an emergency fund – for unexpected expenses such as trips to the hospital
  • Offer low interest loans

CIPAC hope that in the future we will need even more of their honey for our GEOBARS so that they can:

  • Get even more Fairtrade honey farmers and improve their homes, at the minute they live in  very basic houses made with earth floors and walls that get a bit soggy in the rain!
  • Invest in hoists and fork lifts, at 300kg per honey drum, it currently takes a few strong  people to lift them onto the lorry!
  • Educate their kids and provide jobs for them close to home and their families, as currently  they head off to Mexico for work.

Apicoop is a fair trade co-operative in the Valdivia region of southern Chile. Our friends at Apicoop not only provide us with fair trade honey but also Fairtrade blueberries that go into our Mixed Berries Geobars.

Find out more about Apicoop and how fair trade makes a difference to the lives of the 350 beekeepers.

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