When we started making GEOBAR cereal bars in 1999 we didn’t know if anyone would buy them…We just wanted to create a new kind of snack which combined a mixture of high quality Fairtrade ingredients from all around the world.

Back in 1999, the only fair trade products available were made from just one ingredient like tea and coffee – which was great, but we wanted to do more. We wanted to come up with something exciting using as many Fairtrade ingredients as we could. We spent some time in the kitchen and came up with some recipes…that’s when we ended up with a fair trade cereal bar called GEOBAR!
Then we all crossed our fingers and waited to see what you thought – hoping you’d like it as much as we did! And you did – in fact you liked them so much, that soon we were producing tens of thousands a week…Which is great news for our friends around the world!
When you’re munching away on a GEOBAR you could also be kitting kids out for school in South Africa, helping beekeepers and their communities to thrive in remote, rural Chile.

And that’s why we do it – because changing the world one bite at a time not only tastes really good, but it does good too!