There are 5,067 growers and 124 farming groups in in tiny, remote places across the Karakorum and Himalayan Mountain region of northern Pakistan producing apricots and walnuts for our GEOBARS.

But the work doesn’t stop there. There are 100 women working in the factory where the apricots are washed, dried and graded – all to ensure we get the very best Fairtrade ingredients for our GEOBARS!

Mountain Fruits started up in 2000 and acts as a buyer providing markets for the local produce. They also train farmers in increasing production, solar drying of fruits and the processing of nuts.

Our partner Tropical Wholefoods, which imports the apricots and walnuts for GEOBAR, works with Mountain Fruits to advise on how to organise systems for product handling, quality assistance and export controls.

Conditions in remote and rural parts of Pakistan are pretty extreme. In the summer temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius and in winter temperatures drop below minus ten! Talk about chilly! Farming is only possible through forced irrigation systems that use the glacial melt waters from the Karakorum and Himalayan mountains, which grows really tasty Hunza apricots!


Not only do the farmers receive a guaranteed minimum price for their Fairtrade fruit and nuts, the communities also receive a social premium over and above the product price.


Over the years, Mountain Fruits have been able to provide all sorts of benefits for remote rural communities.


  • Books for community schools
  • A new playground
  • Building a community hall and schools
  • Water tanks
  • A generator
  • Sewing machines
  • School fees for the poorest students
  • Irrigation upgrades

These things make a massive difference to people’s lives!