Fairtrade and Organic Co-operative in Hazoua, Tunisia

In Hazoua, an oasis in southern Tunisia where even today tradition is alive and well, small farmers have founded a cooperative and are working together to produce dates of the highest quality. The cooperative supplies them to the export station Beni Greb. There the dates are sorted, cleaned, dryed and packed for export.

Only exclusively selected, organically grown dates from the Tunisian oasis Hazoua of the variety "Deglet Nour" are used. "Deglet Nour" are the queen of the dates and means "finger of light". The dates are produced in a three floors system with vegetables on the groundfloor, in the middle fruit-trees are grown, and in the third floor up to thirty meters in height date trees are cultured. In addition, there is a recovery of the used water. This protects the climate, because it prevents against desertification. 

Dates from Tunisia, which not only taste delicious but are also cultivated a environment friendly way.
Enjoy it twice!!