Kuapa Kokoo Fair Trade Co-operative

Kuapa Kokoo is a cocoa-growing co-operative set up in 1993 representing about 40,000 farmers in and around Ghana. The quality of the cocoa beans from Ghana is ranked number one in the entire world!

Members of Kuapa Kokoo are predominantly small-holders highly reliant on cocoa income and living in remote and deprived parts of the country. Most of the cocoa-growing villages do not have access to healthcare, clean drinking water, or electricity. Not to mention that the majority of the farmers have low levels of education, with between 43%-60% being illiterate and 27% of the farmers have received no education at all.

The co-operative is also a 44% co-owner of the Divine Chocolate Company.


Kuapa Kokoo’s partnership with Fairtrade is helping community projects and putting frameworks in place to strengthen the organisation.

The extra money from the Fairtrade Premium has been used on many different projects.

  • Provision of pump wells and drilling of 348 bore holes for drinking water.
  • Build 6 toilets
  • Provision of mobile health clinics, serving over 200 societies and mosquito nets to improve health of the farmers and their communities
  • Construction and improvement of schools
  • Workshops to help famers develop other forms of Cocoa during the off season.
  • With a particular focus on empowering women, including soap making using the potash from burnt cocoa husks, tie-dye textiles, palm nut production and palm oil extraction, corn milling, and snail farming for local and export markets.
  • Employment of Development Officers to advise farmers on good farming practices and organise HIV/AIDS workshops.
  • New equipment including scales that reduce the farmers’ dependency on the scales of middlemen and machines for cracking palm kernels, which greatly reduce the workload of women.
  • Investment in 51 corn mills, one gari processor, as well as oil palm extraction machines and processors, nut crackers, and cutlasses for several communities.